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We want you to look back through your weddings photos and no matter how many days, months or years have passed, we want you to feel the same happiness as you did on the day you were married.



Your wedding photos are a piece of your legacy.
They will be works of art.  And they will be just like you: real, fun and filled with love.

never put a price on an experience, each moment only happens once. 

The Realife Experience is so much more than a typical portrait session. It is about telling your unique story through pictures and video. We capture moments from your senior year and added to your portrait session creates an amazing and unique senior portrait film.

"Stand Out and Show the World Who You Are" 

Captured moments could include Sporting events, Prom, School Plays, Graduation and Realife Photography hosted events. 

Several Realife hosted events are available to our seniors. Events include beach bonfire/Sailing experience, Martial arts/Self defense seminar and Photography labs. 

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You can never put a price on an image, each moment only happens once. 

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