About Us

Sarah + David

We come from a typical boy-meets-girl story. We fall in love, follow our dreams, get married, and have a bunch of kids. It goes without saying that photography has been a natural passion of ours ever since we were young, and remains with us up to this day!

+ Talent, Finesse & Determination

We bring our passion for life to our photography. We give it all we’ve got — that means vibrant ideas, a cutting edge approach, and sharp attention to detail. And of course, we are no strangers to compassion and patience — waiting to capture the perfect special moment that you and your loved ones will forever cherish.

= Realife Photography

Our personalities and various traits complement each other to give us a fantastic platform on which we have built Realife Photography. We like to take a very relaxed approach with our clients. We just hang out, snapping pictures along the way. The result is images of people being their own unique, beautiful selves.

We love to photograph “on location” using the beautiful parks, lakes, beaches and cities of Wisconsin as our backdrops.

Our home studio is located right on Lake Michigan just north of Port Washington in Cedar Grove, WI. Sandy beaches, dune grass, primordial forests and meadows are all right outside our studio door.