Family Photo Shoot : Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Family Photo Shoot with the Best Family Ever!!!!

My heart sings when I see these pictures! I see the brilliant grace of so many journeys in these beautiful faces. This is Adam and Kat, our very best friends, and their awesome family! We have so many fun photos with them from over the past 16 years! This was a special, and slightly more serious, family photo shoot we did with Kat and her family. Kat and her sisters, Courtney and Emily, provided for this awesome session as a Christmas present for their parents.

We gathered at Sue and Terry’s condo in Muskego on Thanksgiving weekend. Working quickly through family shots was a breeze. All the kids did so great. Most of the time, parents are a bit unsure how their kids will react at a photo session. I find kids of all ages quite delightful, and treat them with respect. The results are always great pictures.

Of course we stayed to see the play that the cousins had put together! Do you remember doing this as a kid? I remember doing this on a road trip with friends, such good memories!

Now I didn’t get any pics of Emily in her crazy amazing yoga poses, but you have got to check out her yoga website! She brings yoga classes to the office for a personal, quality, empowering experience, even if you are a beginner. Check it out!

So many unknowns have hit us since last October. Somehow, Kat and Adam have shown strength in fragility, love in vulnerability, and calm in chaos. If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan. I’m so glad to be in their story!

Enjoy the photos! And if you are looking for a family photo shoot, on a holiday or otherwise, you know where to find us!

mother and daughter hugging outside family photo shoot of mom, dad, son and daughter, hugging and smiling sister and brother goofing around mom and dad looking into each others eyes mom and dad huggingfamily photo shoot with grandparents, lots of happy kids! Family photo shoot in black and white mom and dad with three adult daughters family photo shoot with mom and dad with three adult daughters, smiling in black and white three adult daughters laughing three adult sisters smiling dad, with green and blue sweater, with his arm around mom, in a blue sweater dad, with green and blue sweater, with his arm around mom, in a blue sweater family photo shoot with seven cousins smiling and their arms around each other Family photo shoot of Grandma and Grandpa with seven grand kids outdoor family photo shoot, five happy kiddos with mom and dad mom and dad with five beautiful, smiling kiddos happy mom and dad girl laughing and dancing with her sister on outside wood deck family photo shoot of mom and dad with five beautiful, smiling kiddos in black and whitefamily photo, mom, dad, son and daughter, arms around eachother sister and brother, smiling family photo, mom, dad, son and daughter, in black and white Beautiful adult daughter, smiling wide Beautiful adult daughter, smiling sisters laughing and playing, pretending to drink coffee side angle of grandma and grandpa, with daughter and grandson, sitting on couch laughing parents and brother on couch laughing cousins holding hands and taking a bow

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