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Wisconsin Winter Engagement Photography

We had hoped for a snowy session, but, as is usual in March the weather cares not for our plans… it was just cold. Well, I love a challenge and knew I had to find a way to make this session fun and the pictures wonderful.  So, why not roast marshmallows over a cozy fire with mugs of home-made apple moonshine?

The fire was a perfect way to warm the hands and cuddle up after shooting some pictures out in the cold.

Blake and Valerie were wonderful to work with and they are so in love. You can see by their smiles that Blake and Valerie were meant to be!

Beautiful b/w portrait closeup and intimate portrait warm sunshine behind this couples portrait b/w portrait of couple blake and Valerie laughing together Warming hands by fire Roasting marshmallows by fire Roasting marshmellows Looking into each others eyes b/w holding each other b/w close up and kissing engagement ring picture Keeping warm and laughing together Sunshine through Valerie hair Sitting together on a hammock sitting on tailgate of Red pickup holding forever and ever sign b/w portrait on truckbed Valerie beautiful blue eyes Couple wrappen in blanket smiling at camera Couple walking in grassy field


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